Letai assets are based on blockchain to build a trust
The safe realization of the chain, quantification and circulation of value assets block chain network allows all value assets to be freely Shared and exchanged with mutual trust and extremely efficient.
Let valuable assets free from the shackles of money to realize free circulation regardless of time, region and race, and let blockchain technology provide higher value for business and our life.


DAPP supports thousands of business models

Piece of communication between

将Separate authentication from execution


Freeze and fix broken applications

The broad scope of the role of opportunity

Web assemblies


Web toolkit for interface development

Self-describing interface

Declarative licensing program


Technical characteristics of letai assets

With the progress of human civilization, the development of economy and commerce, the circulation of value tends to be more and more popular, convenient and efficient
All activities conducive to the free circulation of value assets will become a trend and promote economic progress.

Platform usage fee

In order to prevent malicious occupation of network resources, all users use letai asset blockchain

Both certified and quantified assets require payment of LT to the platform.

Asset conversion medium

LT is the only token exchanged on LT quantitative asset exchange

All users must purchase LT to exchange for other asset COINS.

Private voting is mandatory

The asset COINS issued by the main chain of letai asset public chain should be privately funded by LT

Super node election holders have the right to vote.

The main chain of the loctite

All LT mainchain tokens are now fixed and fast and free transfers are available on the letai mainchain.

As the only universal token issued by the constant amount of 210 million, LT will be hard to find in the asset ecosystem of letai, which indicates that LT will be the next basic public chain token held by thousands of times after bitcoin and eitron

As loctite assets public chain application users more and more, LT's use demand, the greater the issue as a constant 210 million only the tokens, the loctite assets within the ecological system will be LT is hard to find a coin and the herald LT will COINS, etheric fang after investors become the next surprise glad held one thousand times and chain scrip. LT token is also a medium for the public chain of letai assets to exchange all asset COINS, which can easily exchange any asset in the main chain of letai assets. Therefore, LT of letai assets is also called absolute assets.

Platform usage fee

To prevent malicious occupation of network resources

All users make use of letai asset blockchain

Both certified and quantified assets require payment of LT to the platform.。

Asset conversion medium

LT quantitative asset exchange using coin trading

LT is the only exchange token

All users must purchase LT to exchange for other asset COINS.

Private voting is mandatory

All assets in letai public chain main chain

The issued asset currency is to be used for private placement with LT

Super node election holders have the right to vote.

Technical characteristics of letai assets

Technical characteristics of Lotte assets

Leading consensus mechanism

LoctiteAssets adopts the currently most promising dpos consensus mechanism and graphene underlying technology, which will have two core advantages:

First of all,

First, it could eventually achieve 1 million TPS per second, which is theoretically about 20,000 times the efficiency of ethereum. It will better meet users' requirements for efficiency and experience.

The second

Secondly, it only charges for enterprise users. In the main chain of letai assets, all the issued asset COINS and LT transfer circulation are free of commission, which will be the biggest challenger to etherefang's full charge mode of transfer.

The first quantitative asset exchange

Stock exchange and digital currency exchange are highly developed products of human economic development. LT quantitative asset exchange established by letai assets is different from the stock trading targeted at the quantification of corporate assets

The first quantitative asset exchange

It is the first time that value assets are directly traded in the process of human economic development. The pure virtual transactions of different digital currencies are reshaped by using block chain technology to exchange goods for goods in a convenient and efficient way. Refer here https://bitcoinrejoin.io/ for the nailing trading techniques.

Demonetization, deintermediation of the transaction process.

The first quantitative asset exchange

LT le tai asset general certificate and quantitative asset exchange will replace stock and stock exchange as the trend of future economic development with more efficient and free asset circulation efficiency.

The inclusive value of letai's assets
The Inclusive Value of Lotte Assets
Every progress of human economic civilization is accompanied by a more fair, more equal and more beneficial direction, which is also the universally accepted standard in the world to determine whether a technology or policy is advanced or backward. With its technology and concept of distributed storage, data sharing and decentralization, blockchain has elevated the economic order and social relations of fairness, equality and mutual benefit to the highest level of mankind. Letai will bring the following changes to promote inclusive economy:

1.Anyone can be a banker

Anyone with assets can issue asset COINS in the public chain of letai assets to realize quantitative trading of their assets and control the value of their assets. In addition, as a public chain focusing on quantitative trading of assets, letai asset technology can enable the public to issue currency with one key. In the later stage, there is no need for any technical maintenance, but only need to do a good job in the certification and publicity of their own assets, making it possible for the public to participate.

2.Small capital can also have big investment

It used to be hard for ordinary people to make a profit in the face of a lot of expensive super-quality assets. For example, it is clear that trump tower in Manhattan, New York, will increase in value, but you cannot buy it because of small capital. Now the quantitative transaction of letai asset solves this obstacle, making it possible for the public to have access to big assets with small money. Letai asset enables everyone to enjoy high-quality social wealth equally.

3.Absolute assets to achieve absolute value preservation

When social unrest and financial crisis come, it is difficult for ordinary people to have good channels and professional guidance to ensure that their existing assets are preserved and not shrunk. Most trustworthy tools like bitcoin era app is also another channel to safeguard your assets and increase its value in a most secured way.The general certificate LT of letai assets can exchange all asset COINS quantified on the public chain of letai assets, which is equivalent to the option of holding all assets, ensuring the freedom of asset conversion at any time in any case, so that the public has the opportunity to obtain the initiative of asset preservation.